Guidelines for Submitting Digital Art  

Art may be emailed to Please copy Please fax or send paper proofs with all digitally submitted art so that we know what to expect your image to look like. Large CMYK files should be supplied on disc. Indicate Pantone colors on purchase order or paper proofs.

Please be aware that there is a difference between screen printing and offset printing and files should be formatted somewhat differently. Although we are a PC based Art Department, but we can read Mac programs with the exception of Freehand. Currently we use Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Illustrator CS and Coreldraw 10....word processing programs should NOT be used for artwork of any kind.

For reference please download a PDF version of these guidelines.


Files created in (not placed in) Illustrator or CorelDraw EPS.

  • Remove CMYK layers
  • Create vector drawn layers in Coated Pantone colors.
    Vector drawn images are line drawn, infinitely scalable and easily manipulated.
  • Convert all text to Outlines or Paths. Type used in vector programs can cause
    problems if the font used in your design is not loaded on our system. A replacement
    font would be arbitrarily be substituted in your image. You may also include the font
    files when submitting your image.
  • Easily handles gradients up to 55 line screen.
  • Please make sure that each color in your design with only Pantone colors.

300dpi(high resolution) PhotoShop files, including PSD and some JPG.

  • Cannot be color seperated. Best for one color printing.
  • Cannot be enlarged.
    Raster images (also refered to as "bit map" or "pixel" images) are composed of
    layers of dot patterns blending Cyan Magenta, Yellow and Black. Enlarging to
    more than 125% results in acute loss of definition.

JPG, GIF, TIF or other PhotoShop files, 72 dpi (low resolution). Definition is poor...these files are intended for viewing purposes only. Do NOT send artwork downloaded from the internet as the resolution is very low and cannot be used.

  • QuarkExpress, PowerPoint, or MS Word.
  • Text cannot be converted to Outlines or Paths.
  • Low resolution.
  • Cannot be color seperated.
  • For viewing purposes only.
  • Please send 300dpi PhotoShop files on CD or ZipDisc.
  • Please include color paper proofs.
  • White shirts ONLY.
If you have any questions or special needs....Call , Fax or E-mail
Phone 770-381-6943
Fax 770-381-6947